Promoting Networking and Cooperation on International and Interdisciplinary Father Research

“(…)The mission of the International Father Research Network is to facilitate the communication, exchange of ideas, and research collaborations (either in person or via virtual means) among scholars from all countries, who engage in academic interdisciplinary fatherhood research.

In addition, a key goal of the network is the dissemination of reliable information and the expansion of knowledge about fatherhood in a variety of contexts. Therefore, it also welcomes participation from professional practitioners and policy makers.

Of particular interest are the links between family policies and the promotion of father care practices in different national and family contexts. An important focus is on gendered patterns in reconciling employment and care work in the context of inequalities and diversity among fathers in order to make these more visible. Research on diversity in ethnic background, sexual identity and orientation, social class, age, ability, education and relationship status is encouraged.”



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